Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stila- Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Eye Look

These are my new favorite shadows, liquid shadows; to be more exact liquid glitter shadows! 
Stila has come out with their collection about a year or two ago and of course I am always late when it comes to buying the best sellers, lol #momlife.  Not an excuse I know but for me it is. Well when I purchased it and tried it out I knew I had to get more!

How to Use: 
Simple and easy, just apply straight from the tube with the doe foot applicator. You don't need a primer base or eyeshadow, there is basically no fallout, and the sparkle is everything! I personally like to use with a flat shadier brush, I get more precise application. Just look at that sparkle, I mean who doesn't love a sparkle? 

Price? -They Retail for $24 USD 

Is it a must to have? - Of course, if you are wanting an extra sparkle to add to your eye but don't like the fuss of glitter glue and all that jazz this is an easy breezy product- The shade I used in this photo is Diamond Dust  
There are currently 15 shades, a couple are already out of stock because they were limited addition.   

  1. Ballet Baby- a sheer baby pink with silver glitters. 
  2. Bronzed Bell,- a bronze with silver/copper glitters. 
  3. Diamond Dust a sheer silver with multi-color glitters. 
  4. Gold Goddess - a sheer antique gold with silver glitters.  
  5. In A Firenze - a shimmering warm dusty rose with copper/silver glitters. 
  6. Into the Blue - deep blue with duo-chrome purple pearl 
  7. Kitten Karma - a champagne with silver/copper glitters. 
  8. Molten Midnight a black with silvery gold glitters.  
  9. Next To Notte - a vibrant deep red with pink glitters. 
  10. Rose Gold Retro - a rose gold with silver glitters. 
  11. Sea Siren - bright lavender with duo-chrome bright blue pearl 
  12. Smoky Storm - a light pewter with silver glitters.  
  13. Smoldering Satin - a deep tan with silver glitters. 
  14. Sunset Cove - cool mid-tone pink with duo-chrome bright gold pearl 
  15. Violet Vixen -a violet with blue glitters. 

    Stila Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow  

  know there are plenty of amazing bloggers out their that have reviewed this product so if you desire a complete and full review that provides in-depth details about every shade & swatch's here is the blogpost -  Crystal-Candy-Makeup-Review 

What is your favorite glitter eyeshadows?  
Let me know in the comments below!

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