Sunday, August 6, 2017

Depotting withe Vueset empty container

Lately I have de-cluttering and reorganizing my home -- room by room, until it came up to my makeup stash. From the eyeshadows to the foundations and then on, it felt great getting rid of products I didn't use in months & years. I couldn't believe how many concealers and mascaras have been thrown out because I have simply forgotten about them and they have either gotten stale or it was past their expiration. Then it came down to my lipsticks, I haven't really thrown any out, because lipsticks where something I didn't loose track of, I knew each color by heart and I knew one day I would depot them. Well the day has come and I have depoted most of them, to tell you the truth it was quite exciting process-- trying to figure out which method was the best way and which colour combination would look nice side by side.  
Once I have decided I need to depot them, it was time to figure out where I need to place them in. For eyeshadows there are Z-palette aka Magnetic Palettes, they could be found basically anywhere amazon, sephora and etc. But for lipsticks the options where limited, too limited if I must say. My only two options where  the Mac Pro Lip Insert or the Vuest tahiti palette. Both have 24 sections where you can fill them in with foundations, lipstick, concealer and etc.. The main reason why I chose the Vueset palette was because its quite small, and the slots are deep as apposed to the Mac inserts which didn't seem like it. 

To be honest, this process does get messy so have makeup remover and a lot q-tips for easy clean up!

Here is a short Instagram Storie on how I depoted the lipstick

All you need is 

Empty Container/palette, 
Lipsticks, 70% Ispropyl Alcohol, Makeup Spatula, Sugar Spoon

Here are the list of lipsticks that I have depotted into this palette. 

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