Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Purchase!

Hey guys this blog is about all Gerard Cosmetic 
This makeup company is the latest craze on social media, so being a lover of makeup I decided to purchase myself a few products and see how they really are. Sometimes people are paid to show and brag certain companies they are affiliated. These days its hard to trust people sometimes, and it doesn't mean all beauty gurus all really into "Beauty". But thats a different topic in itself,  I originally found out about this product from  aBeauty Guru, Jaclyn Hill on youtube.
She started out by introducing this company about a few months ago -which she has teamed up with them to create a couple of lipstick shades. 

I purchased 3 Lipsticks, Tequila Sunrise, 1995, ButterCup and a BB Plus Illumination Creme.

The Lipsticks are suppose to be very good, creamy and pigmented. Somehow people are just obsessing over these lipsticks. And i have seen a few people give very good reviews on the BB plus Illumination Creme. It is suppose to give you a natural glow underneath you foundation, like a light summery glow. 

Tequila sunrise,



BB Plus Illumination Facial Creme

I hope I will have nothing but good reviews from this product!
Just waiting patiently for my product to come!

Tell me your opinion on this product and how you guys like it, or don't like it. 
Or even if you never heard of it. 

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