Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Loreal True Lumi Foundation Vs Rimmel London Match perfection Foundation

Loreal True Lumi foundation Review

I heard about this foundation from a Youtube Guru by the name of Jaclyn Hill, she also has dry skin and especially during the winter our skin just goes very dry. Of course you have to moisturizes and take care of you skin but if it still does get dry during through out the day then you definitely  have to have a foundation which adds an extra "oomph" to the skin and makes it look dewy like this one! (Hence the word Lumi).. It makes my skin glow, I chose the lightest color and it is still a tad bit darker then my pale face, but I make it work. 
It doesn't have any smell to it, and when I apply it to my skin it gives a dewy type look. Which is great for the winter. My shade is Neutral!, only because it was the lightest option they had!
 For someone who has dry skin this is an amazing foundation!I would not suggest this on oily skin because it will make you look more oilier then you already do. This foundation is for dry/normal skin types. This won't be the foundation for the summer, since I live in NY , and our humidity level is at 90% most of the time,so i go with a compact cream foundation, I reviewed on my blog from Neutrogena. Over all this foundation is on my buck list list of awesomeness!!! I will definitely repurchase this again!


Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation Review

I was recommended this foundation, claiming that its "amazing". Well I agree to disagree because I dont like it one bit!. The color I wear is 101, which match me pretty well. it is the only positive feedback I have for this foundation. but its too thick of a foundation, and has a very strong scent. Like Shampoo or Perfume, its a weird mix to say the least. I tried it on some people to test it out and get their opinion on it, well lets just say they weren't fans of it too. Not the best foundation I have tried........I used it in the summer and omgash! not the best mix, I felt as if my face was melting off! It might be better for the winter but it still feels heavy on my face. And the worst part, my face feels sticky! I have to powder up my skin like a maniac for it to have a smooth complexion. It doesn't last me through the day and wears off after a while. It is Medium to Full coverage and I would have to say i would not repurchase this product again......Sorry Rimmel London, better luck next time.

Loreal Tru Lumi Foundation hands down is amazing! I use it almost everyday, even over my high end foundations!

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