Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mac Lipliner Subculture and ...

Mac is a well known lipstick and the more I am learning about makeup the more I come up with knew techinques and use other peoples techinques.

I have always had a difficult time lining my lips but as I apply it more and more it is coming more fluently to me.

I start of with a fresh base, I put a lip balm on to hydrate my lips and then let that sink into my lips for a few minutes. Then I apply foundation over my face and on my lips. When I apply foundation on my lips I feel like the color pigmentaion is much more stronger and you have blank canves to start of with,
I start of with applying the lip liner on my top lip on the right corner and work my way to the middle. And then make my way to the corner again. I work very carefully because you have to with lipliner you dont want to over line your lips (unless thats your style) and have your lips to be un even.

To clean up a red lipliner like this you have to apply concealer to shape it out.

No FlASH!!


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