Monday, September 8, 2014

Real Techniques review!

Real Techniques starter Set review!
A lot of people might know youtubes favorite Sam and Nick from Pixiwoo! They are two sister based in London who are makeup artists that have their own makeup channel and came out with their own line of makeup brushes which are just amazing and are super affordable!.<<< Check out their channel!
 This kit comes with 5 brushes for the eyes, all  your basic brush needs. It comes with a little stand up pouch, this is great for traveling or on the go if your running late. Definitely recommend this product for all those makeup lovers out their, for your basic's. I love the color scheme on the brushes, its very vibrant and fun. If you look closely you can see that the tips of the brushes have a purple hue to them!

1.Deluxe Crease brush
2.Base Shadow Brush
3.Accent Brush
4.Pixel Point eyeliner
5.Brow Brush

This is the case it come in it can stand up and close!

I love all the brushes, except the Deluxe Crease brush, I fine that this brush is very thick and it hard to blend with, it is quite thick; the bristles are very condensed so it makes it a little bit harder to blend it out. I used it to buff out my concealer, some of you reading this may be a little hesitant to this technique but it has worked for me and makes the concealer look flawless!

The Base Shadow brush I love to use for blending, I didn't necessarily use it for applying the eye shadow because I like using a flatter brush, this does blend my crease out very well! I did try to use it as a base but failed for some reason sadly!. But I am getting real good use out of it for blending!

The accent brush is perfect for your under eye, to smoke things out and apply detailed shadowing in the small and complicated area's! I used to to smudge my eyeliner under my eye and one top for that nice and deep smokey look. You can also use it to apply a soft brown as an eyeliner if you are not a fan of the blunt eyeliner look.

This pixel point eyeliner brush is my new favorite eyeliner brush!
It is fine and very precise, I can really get that perfect liner wing tip.

The brow brush is just hands down great!!!.
It is really thin and when applying my Anastasia dual brow powder! ( I blog about soon!)
Just makes the eyebrows really sharp and finish's off the look!

(I am not affiliated with product!)

I Spent 17.99$ on it and bought it in Rite aid, I went to my local walgreens but apparently they don't sell this product any more! Oy vey what has the world come to?...Haha just joking but seriously the price is really worth this product. Some brushes that you find online are just a ridiculous price and especially if your on a budget
Tell me what you guys think of this review and if you do have this product, what are your thoughts on it and if you like it or not!

Have a great day!!

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