Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Victoria Secret Body Scrub!

I love this product! Its the Love Spell body scrub, I got it with the buy 5 get it for $30 deal or 3 for $25 

Sorry for the flash here is a picture without it

It is a body scrub and a body wash at the same time. Leaves my skin smelling amazing and feeling great!.
I love using scrubs, because who doesn't want to get rid off dead skin cells and feel fresh?
I also use st ives body scrub but that's a different topic!
I just finished using this beauty and it only took me one month, and i can say with pleasure that I will be repurchasing. Who ever has that special man in their live's and wants their skin to linger on a seductive smell then you definitely have to purchase this product.
You can go to Local Victoria secret and purchase other body scrubs.
The only negative thing about this product is that when I scrub around my neck it will catch onto my hair and if I don't wash my hair again after using this scrub it will stick and make my hair very gritty and sticky!
You can purchase it on this site! Love Spell Body Scrub

(I am not affiliated with this site just wanted my viewers to know where they can purchase online!)

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