Sunday, June 29, 2014

Super Easy Salmon Recipe!

This is a really super easy Salmon reciepe anyone can do. Let get started!.
1) This is about 1 pound of salmon, this portion is for my husband and I. So we don't really need a lot and  a few little pieces will do. Cut them into your desired sizes then thoroughly risen them out and put them aside on a cutting board or in a differnet plate

2) Take a tablespoon or two of Mayonnaise; depends on the amount of fish you use to!. I used Hellman's olive oil mayonnaise! so be a little bit healthier, because fish already contains fat, so we don't to over do it on the fat!. You can also use Hellman's light, but not fat free! 

3) Then add Ketchup! Yep this secret ingredient will change you fishes life! So about a tablespoon or less! or more!

Then for a little kick in the taste buds I added Dill Weed or you can also add some fresh dill

Then A little bit of Thyme Tomillo, or some fresh thyme!

And then some...

A little bit of pepper!. Now i didn't take a picture of the salt because you can add it or if you choose, dont!. The ketchup has soduim aka salt and so does the mayonnaise.So if you are a little bit salt concouis then forget about it!

Mix, mix, mix!

Add the fish in!

Mix the fish in!

So pretty aint it?

Now let it marinate for 1 to 2 hours or over night!

Oil your pan with cooking spray!
Because adding oil will make it to oilly and it won't be tastey!
(Don't mind the Corn)

Let each side cook for 2 to 3 minutes on meduim to low.
Or until the other side browns

This is how it should look like on each side!
Wallah! and your done!
This fish will come out moist and delicious and wont give that oceany fish taste.! Serve with a side of rice, buckwheat or salad!
Tell me if you want to try this out and if you did and how it came out.

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