Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sigma, Creme De Couture Review

The minute the Creme de Couture palette from Sigma came out i instantly bought it. Now heres a little secret, this was my first sigma product I ever bought!.. 
So why would i go for this first? I have no idea, something about its artistic colors called to me. The eye-shadows have a soft velvety feel to them and have intense color pay off. All 16 shades are beautifuly vibrant. I bought this before I gave birth and havent had a chance to use it. And when I had a little bit of free time when the baby and hubby were both sleeping at 7pm... lol I decided to let my stress  out and have fun. My inspiration was my perfume Bond no.9 central park edition, which is my favorite scent!.
This palette comes with 16 vibrant and fun colors!.

I had a great time doing this look!!!.

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