Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kim Kardashian goes brunette!

Shes back!
Well the hair is back....
 This photo was taken of her Instagram and we can all agree that she looks way better as a brunette then having the ombre blonde hair!
After giving birth to her daughter, North west she got highlights but leaving the tip of her roots her original color, making it a ombre look. Which is very popular now. The first one to start this look out of the Kardashian's was Khloe.

In this picture we see the a very big differences. On the left when she was blond she wore less makeup making it a more natural look and on the right we see she is shining less and has a face full of makeup. Her eyes aren't as strong and her face still has the baby fat, so maybe the blonde does suite her but over all she looks way way better in brunette. They say you look best in your hair color!. She has that authentic Armenian look, unlike the blonde, you can't really tell what theme she is going with. When she dyed her hair back she still has those hints of highlights at the end, and a more red ton to the hair.
We see in this picture below that her face overall looks better in brunette hair then blonde. Something about that I cannot pinpoint... Anyone can help me out here?

Although in her blonde state, she does have a more angelic look and a more dewier look.
Another major difference is that she looks way more darker in the blonde hair, its because of the hair contrast.

We see here she is with Khloe, walking minding their own business while paparazzi is snapping photos of them. We see that Khloe still kept the ombre look but Kim is back to her original self.

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