Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to: Crab Salad/Kani Salad!

I love a good delicious Kani salad! This is imitation Kani so no crabs were hurt in the making. (haha)
This is a very simple and easy recipe almost everyone can do.

Cut the Crab Stick in Half, or if you prefer for it to be long then don't cut it. But I like cutting the pieces in half because when they are longer all the other ingredients sink to the bottom.

  After you have cut the Crab sticks roll them a little bit so the pieces can separate in the plastic before you take them out, it makes life a little bit easier.

  Now the Crab should look like this all shredded up, I noticed when I don't cut them up and then shred them up, everything else in this salad falls to the bottom.

One of the main ingredients is corn, something magical when Kani and Corn get together.
It should be plain regular canned corn, not sweet or any other type.

 Now Start adding the Corn!

Now take a big old pepper, the color choice is your's!
A red pepper add's a lot of color to the salad, and chop this gorgeous red bell pepper into small little cubes. (Remove the sticker)

Now Add the pickles, slice he pickle in half and into 1/4 and start dicing. 

 Add some celery for that extra crunch, adds a great flavor and the colors make the salad that much more appealing.

I used about 2 table spoons of Mayonnaise. This recipe isn't very exact so adjust to your needs.

I love adding a little bit more flavor to my foods. So I added Thyme, (My favorite) and a little dash of Italian seasoning. Skip this step if you don't like spices.

 You Can use any other but I prefer these spices. I forgot to add salt and pepper to the picture. But mix all those ingredients in a little bowl and then add to the salad and mix it all together.

Then add the spices, salt and pepper!