Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beauty Tips for First Time Mothers

Being a mother isn't easy, especially when its your first baby. When you're pregnant there is so much excitement and anticipation you can't wait for your little precious one to come into this world. Once they arrive your first month is full of worries. I remember coming home from the hospital, the first night I didn't have nurses and doctors doing the work for me was pretty nerve racking. My son was so small, since he was a preme his little hands and delicate legs, and that innocence he had. Coming into this world all alone, I knew I had to make him feel the most comfortable he can be. The first month I wouldn't sleep at nights just to make sure that he was sleeping.  Every time he cried and shed those sweet tiny tears it broke my heart. After giving birth, (Tip to all the pregnant women out their, your extremely emotional!) the most important thing you as a mother need to focus is recovering from the delivery, weather it be natural or cesarean (C-section). Focus on feeding him, making sure you feed yourself, don't worry about your weight or body size, that will fall will all come later. Make sure to take naps when he sleeps, because your body is physically drained after all of that work it had to do in the delivery room. The worst part for me was having so many guest come and see the baby, I didn't have the energy to get dressed and start talking to people i just wanted to just sleep!. Every day, every week, every month he grows more and you notice new developments like when they start laughing and they know they have hands and feet. Especially when they start teething but the most beautiful part is when the notice who you are.  the protector your guardian and most importantly are the mother. I can honestly say the worst part are the screams. It can really drive you crazy sometimes you will scream and sometimes you will cry yourself. the most important thing to remember never get aggressive with your baby, just put the baby down and walk away for couple of minutes.The screams usually mean, Diaper change, Hungry, Gases, Colic or some type of irritation. Two things drove me the most crazy, his colic's and the over exhaustion. At about 2 and a half months my son decided not to sleep during the day, which drove me crazy and then people would come over to play with him or we would go to a family members house and he wouldn't sleep because everyone wanted to hold him. By the time we come home, it was the worst he wouldn't sleep, just cry. And back then i didn't realize he was over exhausted so he cried out of frustration then my husband and I spent half of the night worried and trying to put him to bed!!!. we are only humans. We do run out of patience after a while.  Some days are easy and some are hell!!!. Everyday day is a challenge is how you spend your days.  In the beginning I was in a little depression, why?. Because for some women, their whole entire life changed from the day the conceived that little human being. You can't sleep at night , you're nausea's most of the time, and most of all the crazy emotions that are running through your system. But when that moment comes and the baby is delivered is the 
most precious moment.

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