Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life of a Fashion Student

Everyone always wants to be a top world wide known fashion designer, like Dior, Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Mcqueen and so on... But some people forget that these designers started off somewhere   where they were known as nothings and nobodies. They only became who they are from all the hard work and effort they put into their designs. Most fashions students go crazy from all the hard work that is put upon them especially when you are working trying to pay off college loans and keeping up with all the newest latest trends... When I started off in the Art institute of New York, it was hard, especially money wise, I think that was the most hardest time. You see when it comes to midterm week or finals week, the student start to purchase fabric, which at times can and will get very expensive, and lining, trimmings and all those lovely items when it comes to making your final project. I will admit this is the first time I was ever in Manhattan alone but getting home and to school isn't that hard only two train rides away but when you have rulers which are metal and at least 22" in height and some are even L square rulers which you can image what type of scene it will create in the busy New York subway system. People tend to stare and some even offer you a seat if you are about to collapse from all the fabric, books, rulers, sewing supplies and many more things stuffed into a purse, and still trying to look stylish and fabulous, because one day you will be remembered. ( That's if you make it!) 

This picture is not mine, but as you can imagine, trying to balance yourself with all the crazy heavy things you have in your bag and hoping no one will get pocked or stabbed with the rulers you have. 


Not my picture, but imagine this and at least the next 2 to 3 trains that come look like this!!!! But not all the days are like this, on rare occasions I could actually sit down,!!!!

When I do get to school I have to stop and shuffle around my bag to get to my ID, ( Identification Card) or else you have to walk around with a sticker saying STUDENT!!!!! and your name in order to get in or out of the buildings. By the time I get home I am already exhausted !! Some people think that in college when you major in Fashion all you do is design, well sorry to break your hearts, those people are wrong, its also math, english, psychology and some other  perquisites. I have been in this school so far for 8 months, which means this is my 3rd quarter. This particular school  goes by quarters and every quarter is 3 months!. 

Hopefully I will soon post up pictures of my work, and art work such as models I have been drawing, fashion sketches, patterns and some of my future Ideas!!!!! 

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