Thursday, January 20, 2011

L'Oreal Vs Maybelline

H.i.P Loreal

This color for the Maybelline Eyeshadow is called Charcoal smokes and Loreal H.i.P is called Striking. Both of them are amazing but if I had to choose from the texture it is Maybelline!!!!! For the amazing quality it is Loreal, but i feel like I have to really pack it into my brush or sponge applicator for the eyeshadow amount that I want. I used this eye shadow when I was getting ready for a small gathering I was attending and quickly put it on. It came out amazing on me, but it had a lot of creases and didn't look so nice from close up, but from far it looked amazing. I think this H.i.P Loreal makeup is known for their amazing bright and exciting colors. Yellow is one of my favorite colors so I felt like I had to get on of their eyeshadows.  
Maybelline applies on very smoothly but they black is quite sparkly and glittery, I am not a fan of glitter 
the glitter is much more visible in this picture and the gray is slightly darker then it is in the 1st picture. It does apply more smoothly but there is slightly more fallout. This makes amazing smokey eye and it will really make your eyes illuminate. It says which shadow goes on which lid great for beginners. Especially for me when I was starting off in makeup this really help me step by step, not necessarily this eyeshadow palette but another one by Maybelline. Tell me your opinions on this maybe you disagree or agree, but this my personal statement. 

'This is the look I came up with. Guess which Eyeshadow I used! The Loreal H.i.P, I will post up on the blog on how i did it. (Sorry for my undone, messy eyebrows I am growing them out)

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