Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beauty and the beast drawing!

We all know the Famous Belle!!! This took me about 2 to 3 hours to draw, I was doing it for one of my little cousin but I never ended up giving it to her, I get really close to my pictures and sometimes it is hard for me to let go of them=/. I used hb, 3b, and 6b. The reason it is a little bit of an off white color is because i edited on the computer. I used prisma coloring pencil's for the rose! I took lots of different references and put her together in a sense. I loved working on her hair because it is so much fun figuring out the hairstyles, maybe it is just my opinion!. I am quite not finished with her yet but I am to impatient like I've stated before to finish her!! I tried to make her look realistic, almost human but the eyes of the original character is to hard to make into realistic ones! If you want to see more disney princess comment below!!

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