Saturday, November 6, 2010

Orange Monkey

Random Blog!! I love monkeys they are so cute and adorable!! Especially this one,anyone know what it is called? Isn't it amazing how they related to humans!! There face features and body! But it is weird how they don't have white around there iris and no color in their eyes. I don't believe in how Humans come from monkeys because if "we" did the whole world would be monkey free, and how come these monkeys didn't evolve into humans yet, but yea. Not going to start rambling about how we don't come from them and this and that. I have never personally touch or seen a monkey face to face but i would love to. They are so warm and cuddly! I sound so strange!! But they give off that feeling. I have seen Baboon's, in a zoo but it is as far as I went!. His nose is quite strange but I love to examine these kinds of things especially his BIG! ears!! Should I draw one?? Maybe? Kind of? Yea? No?. It is funny how some people compare President Bush to a monkey!! But I don't think that for my personal opinion!. 

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