Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hebrew Monogram!

This my monogram business card, I started off with the butterfly silhouette as an accidental Idea, I was doing it for my art class homework I need a final idea for my business card assignment, and I never thought i would end up using this, but when I saw how this came out I decided to us, it After my teacher suggested that i would make her wedding invitation and I was so excited that My principal suggest it and all my Idea flourished and came to life, and I am working on make a business out of it. I made this with ink, Blot ink, my tip broke so i used a bobby pin!!! Weird i know!! But i love how it came out. And then I added Kaylahs Monograms on the computer!
This is one of my works, It took me about 2 to  hours and an hour to come up witht he design. I colored in with pen. This isn't your average English monogram It is the letter פ(  Hebrew Letter).

The letters within the פ  are א,ר,ח,ש,ה
I hoped you liked this Comment on this!!!
 The end right corner came out messed up i got lazy!!! ( please no harsh comments!)