Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fashion Illustration - Blue Spring

This is one of my favorite illustrations. The color palette is spring inspired, blue & brown. Her dress was Kim Kardashian inspired-- who isn't inspired by her these days, from lifestyle to her fashion and of course her makeup. This illustration portray's a young single female who lives in New York city, walking and drinking her Starbucks, how original right? 

The shoe design is one of the designs that I am obsessed with; I love shoe designs.  You'll see in my later drawings some of the shoe design is like this. This took me an hour to design her body, I originally wanted to draw a winter inspired Coat, or Jacket but I felt more into the summery mood. 

You want in on a small secret, I am the worst when it comes to illustrating small details I am not patient at all, sometimes I just scribble something when I am out of time or just to lazy to finish up the drawing. Which is a flaw, so do not hurry up when it comes to drawing out a masterpiece. This is no master piece to begin with but its a tip for everyone to know for the future. Either way I am congratulating myself in this one because I have actually finished a drawing. Woohoo!

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