Sunday, October 17, 2010

Male Model

 This one took my about a  day or 2 to draw, but I'm not sure about the timing but i stopped here and there. I was looking for inspiration and happened to come across a Macy's catalogue magazine, and when I saw this male model i didn't really think it would be my next drawing, but when I started to draw it was really hard for my to finish this because I lost all inspiration halfway through the drawing. It originally was suppose to be a practice for my shadowing but I forced my self to finish this piece, I plugged in the headphones and listened away to my Ipod as I started to see that this is becoming something more then a simple drawing. This is one of my finished drawing's, for some reason it get hard sometimes to finish a drawing because i get inspired in middle of what I draw and start a whole new one.

I used  Derwent Kneading Eraser ( Left), Blending stick, pencil's 3b, 9b, 6b. Staedtler hb pencil (Right), eraser and sharpener.

I am trying to expand my artistic abilities' into the male category. I'm not to happy about the paper I used, anyone have any good idea of which drawing paper is good quality? If you want step by step for on my next drawings comment below!

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