Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Best Setting Powder Out There- RCMA No Color Powder

For the past couple of years, I have learned so much about makeup artistry. From figuring out what the best foundation is for each skin type, to the best quality eyeshadow, primers, moisturizers & so on. Being a self-taught makeup artist is hard, but with trial and error the student becomes the teacher - as cliche as that sounds it true. On this blogpost I will writing all about my favorite setting powder at the moment. 

I have tried a variety of setting powders, some are amazing – some not so much. One particular setting powder I always wanted to try was the RCMA No Color PowderI have heard about this setting powder for a while now but was never  "sold" on it. Honestly speaking I was in a deeply committed relationship with my Laura Mericer Translucent Powder, there was no separating us. I used this powder for about 2 years, I was convinced it was the best out there. Until a couple of months ago I was purchasing the RCMA Foundation palette and bought the RCMA no color powder along with it. To be honest with you, I really didn't care for that powder but the price on it was to good to be true. So I had to see for myself if its as good as the reviews say it is. Lets just say that who ever needs an amazing setting powder for drugstore price, the unimaginable has happened, rare at most-- but with much enthusiasm I am proud to say that there is one and you will love it! 

I have to mention that you can only buy this product online and not in store (to my knowledge) I know Beautylish.com is one of the verified websites so I just buy from there. 

(Photo of off google)

This powder is the RCMA No Color Powder,-- at first glance the powder is pure white, neither tan or dark. The packaging is simple with an equally simple black lid, inside this simple container comes an even simpler white powder, weird right? I know -- How can one white powder be universal for all skin tones and shades?

Photo from Beautylish

I use this setting powder every time I put on foundation -- it's that serious I know. The first thing I will mention is that this is crazy affordable; one container is $12 and it contains 3oz of product. If you think thats okay, its not okay its as if they are giving away this product for free. The Laura Mercier Translucent powder is $36 for 1oz. Do you see the price difference, its less then half the price for more then half of the product and it works just as well, even better. Ah, its as if I have just won a beauty jackpot. ( If they only had one! )

HOW IT WORKS:  The way that the RCMA No Color Powder works is that it provides a matte finish to skin or foundation application. Powder is finely milled which helps it to melt into skin instead of laying on top. The best way to to apply it is to use a Velour Puff, you can get them anywhere. Gently press the powder into the skin and let depending on how you want it to work, you can let it sit for a couple of minutes or brush it off right away. This means you get a smooth and flawless finish after using the RCMA No Color Powder instead of a caked powdery finish that some setting powders leave behind. Unlike many other traditional translucent powders, the RCMA No Color Powder is truly pigment free, which helps to keep your initial foundation application stabilized and consistent throughout the day. By using the RCMA No Color Powder as a setting powder after applying foundation, you can ensure it will set flawlessly and dry without worry. And the best part.... wait for it......no flash back! I know right I can't believe it too. I have wasted so much money on setting powders that have flash back and they went straight to "do no touch pile" of makeup. So you wont look like this 

Sorry Angi, lol


Simple wasn't that?

But there are some cons about this brand, don't worry the pro overweighs the con in this situation. RCMA is not a beauty brand that is easily accessible in your local drugstore or other beauty stores. So far the only verified website is Beautylish.com
The second issue I have with this product is the packaging, the cap is the problem unlike other powders, the powders you can shake the product when its closed and when you open it the powder is sitting on top off the sifter. This one it doesn't sit, it just at the bottom and thus I have to spill out some product on the table or whatever I have next to me and use it from there.

Well thats pretty much all I have to write about this product, in short this product is awesome. Hope you all enjoyed this blog and found it very useful. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stila- Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Eye Look

These are my new favorite shadows, liquid shadows; to be more exact liquid glitter shadows! 
Stila has come out with their collection about a year or two ago and of course I am always late when it comes to buying the best sellers, lol #momlife.  Not an excuse I know but for me it is. Well when I purchased it and tried it out I knew I had to get more!

How to Use: 
Simple and easy, just apply straight from the tube with the doe foot applicator. You don't need a primer base or eyeshadow, there is basically no fallout, and the sparkle is everything! I personally like to use with a flat shadier brush, I get more precise application. Just look at that sparkle, I mean who doesn't love a sparkle? 

Price? -They Retail for $24 USD 

Is it a must to have? - Of course, if you are wanting an extra sparkle to add to your eye but don't like the fuss of glitter glue and all that jazz this is an easy breezy product- The shade I used in this photo is Diamond Dust  
There are currently 15 shades, a couple are already out of stock because they were limited addition.   

  1. Ballet Baby- a sheer baby pink with silver glitters. 
  2. Bronzed Bell,- a bronze with silver/copper glitters. 
  3. Diamond Dust a sheer silver with multi-color glitters. 
  4. Gold Goddess - a sheer antique gold with silver glitters.  
  5. In A Firenze - a shimmering warm dusty rose with copper/silver glitters. 
  6. Into the Blue - deep blue with duo-chrome purple pearl 
  7. Kitten Karma - a champagne with silver/copper glitters. 
  8. Molten Midnight a black with silvery gold glitters.  
  9. Next To Notte - a vibrant deep red with pink glitters. 
  10. Rose Gold Retro - a rose gold with silver glitters. 
  11. Sea Siren - bright lavender with duo-chrome bright blue pearl 
  12. Smoky Storm - a light pewter with silver glitters.  
  13. Smoldering Satin - a deep tan with silver glitters. 
  14. Sunset Cove - cool mid-tone pink with duo-chrome bright gold pearl 
  15. Violet Vixen -a violet with blue glitters. 

    Stila Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow  

  know there are plenty of amazing bloggers out their that have reviewed this product so if you desire a complete and full review that provides in-depth details about every shade & swatch's here is the blogpost -  Crystal-Candy-Makeup-Review 

What is your favorite glitter eyeshadows?  
Let me know in the comments below!