Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dramatic NYE Makeup!

 Who is ready for a dramatic eye look this year? Whether its experimenting with brighter eye shadows or even adding a new product to your makeup routine, 2018 is about setting new goals and new ambitions. Lets start off the New Year right by being dramatic with your style and fashion statements!
1)   When I know I will be creating a darker more dramatic eye look, I started off with a bold brow (Filling it in with Anastasia Bh Brow Pomade) and a blank canvas for my eyes. I apply concealer around my eyes, and set it with a setting powder to prevent my eyelids from creasing. I used my Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
2)   Then with my Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush I applied Mac Single Shadow in Saddle. Going in with a heavier hand on the outer crease and a lighter on the inner. The reason why I applied more eyeshadow on the outer corner then the inner is simply because that’s where I focus most of my blending on later.
3)    Then I applied a Makeup Forever Single Eyeshadow in the shade .... and only applying it on the center of the lid and going outwards to the crease. I didn’t bring it into the creaser to much, because I don’t want this blue color covering my whole eye.
4)    Then I went in with a fluffy brush and start blending outwards to create a more feline look. This took time, so don’t rush, blending takes time and effort, if you must, keep on blending repeatedly till you create the desired shape. On the next I used a small strip of scotch tape to help with the black shadow, but you can use this step before hand.
5)   As you see, there is a piece of tape on the edge of my eye, why? This will simply help with creating a sharp edge without fussing with makeup removers or etc. I should’ve done this in the beginning but, it’s okay better late then never right? Then I start to add a black eyeshadow, I used the eyeshadow from the Urban Decay 2 Naked Palette Palette, the shade is Blackout. Adding this black shadow will really give that extra dimension.
6)   Once I have taken off the tape, you can see that crisp sharp line. I continued to blend out the black and blue together until It’s a soft finish, on the outer edge.
7)   Now time for the most exciting part, to cut the crease!  Now if you are not familiar with all together, cutting the crease means to create a separation between the crease and the lid. I used to struggle with this a lot, even as a makeup artist, this was hard to achieve. Until I learnt this nifty trick. I go in with a soft cream color primer or concealer. For this tutorial I went in with MAC Painterly Pot in Soft Ocher and applied it on the inner to center of the lid. Taking it above my crease to emphasize the crease even more. Don't feel overwhelmed if you don’t have a paint pot, you can try it with a concealer or even foundation, just use something that is the same tone or lighter as your skin. Taking this on the lid and right underneath the shadow when I start to hit the center, so there is a separation between crease and lid.
8)   Then I applied a Silver eyeshadow from Buxom in Pure Platinum. I applied this directly over the paint pot, then softly blending it out. I focus more on the center of the lid to have a gradient effect between the blue and silver shadow.
9)   Then I applied the famous Stila Liquid Glitter Shadow, in Diamond Dust over the lid. I am disappointed in the camera because It didn't pick up the amazing quality and sparkle of the glitter. But its stunning, believe me when I say it!
10) Then I went in with the Inglot Gel Liner in 77, lining my Lid and water line, this really dramatized the whole look. If you want you can skip this part and just go straight to lashes, but I didn’t and love this part. This was a little bit hard to get over the glitter, so it took a good 5 minutes to go over the glitter. & I applied the MAC Loose shadow on my brow bone and inner eye corner in the Shade Vanilla (Soft Ivory)
11)    Then I applied my Kiss Lashes in Gala, they are dramatic and fluffy, what more do I need from a lash? On a side note, how beautiful does the eye lid looks with all those colors blending in together. Make sure you add mascara after you add the lashes so the fake and real lashes blend in.
12)    Last step is taking the Blue eye shadow and adding it along the lower lash line and gently smoking it out. You can even take a different color to make it more colorful and vibrant. 

Here is my dramatic eye look for New Years Eve. I hope you everyone has a blessed and amazing 2018 and let me know how do you plan on spending your new years this year?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Perfect Dark Lip for Winter

It’s wise to make the best of every situation, including cold winter days. Winter isn’t exactly my favorite season, I prefer the autumn. This means that I can experiment with darker makeup, lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and much more. Whether it’s a dark smokey or a dark rich lip, I say its okay to be more on the vampy side. I decided to skip the dramatic eyes and opted for a dark dramatic deep purple/brownish/redish lip. On my eyes I wearing shadows from Mac " Woodwink" by on the lid, "Soft Brown" on the crease and "Nylon" on the brow bone. Followed by Cover Girl Mascara. 

Whats on my lips?: I started off by scrubbing my lips with a sugar scrub and then apply a lip primer or lip balm. When I feel as if my lips are properly ready for lipstick, I apply a lipliner, to ensure there will be no bleeding of the lipstick. I notice that darker lipsticks bleed through the cracks much easier then lighter lipsticks. No matter high end or drugstore. The liner doesn’t have to be the same shade as the lipstick. It could even be a simple nude liner, if you apply a liner it will help with the longevity and prevent cracking or bleeding of the lipstick.

The lipstick I am wearing in this photo is by Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Dominatrix, I originally bought this at Kohls. This lipstick came in a set of 3, Lipstick Lipgloss and A Lipliner, I don’t know if this set is available at the moment but look out for them! Luckily you can get this lipstick virtually everywhere, Ulta, Kohls,Amazon. I love Lorac Lipsticks, especially the Alter Ego Collection, the lipsticks are pigmented and rich in color and have great color payoff. I wasn’t too fond of this color in the beginning when I wasn’t used to wearing darker lips, but then when my makeup creativity expanded so did the colors and I fell in love with it. With color can be intimidating for a lot of women, but if you dare for a dark lip this is the shade for you..

Another thing is if you're wondering why I am using a lip brush and not the actual lipstick tube, is because I have depotted majority of my lipsticks. And I find it much easier to use a lipbrush, I use the Sigma L05 Lip Brush. This brush really helps me get a defined line along the edge of my lips, much more convient and easier for me to apply lipstick this way then straight from a bullet. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Beauty Showdown: Stila Liner vs Kat Von D Liner

I have spent a couple of days thinking up interesting names and titles for this new series I want create on my blog. I just couldn't come up with a name until today, the "Beauty Showdownseries. This isn't a new idea, it's pretty common in the beauty industry to compare similar products and give their opinion on what's better. So here is my take on it! 
This week's beauty showdown is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner vs Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I have used both products and had made up my mind on which liner is better. I did run out of both products, so currently I am not using either of them, for now I use the inglot gel liner, so both are out of reach. Only one will be repurchased soon, keep on reading to find out who is the better liner! 

This week's beauty showdown is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner vs Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I have used both products and had made up my mind on which liner is better. I did run out of both products, so currently I am not using either of them, for now I use the inglot gel liner, so both are out of reach. Only one will be repurchased soon, keep on reading to find out who is the better liner! 

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner  
Pros: It's longevity is great, dries within seconds, which can be annoying for some but for me this is my favorite part because I hate when eyeliner won't dry fast enough and then the eyeliner transfers onto the crease. The consistency of the ink is dark then when it dries, it dries down matte and the color payoff is great.   

Cons: The felt tip is my only issue, the bristles on the tip frayed towards the sides, this was annoying to work with. I have done some digging around and found out that I wasn't the only one who had this issue. So Kat Von D, if you ever stumble across this review, please create a better tip for the Tattoo liner!  
This line of liners only has two shades, Mad Max and the Trooper. She does have another line of liners, but these can't be beat. The Tattoo Liner retails for $18 and is sold at Sephora. 
If you want to read more on this product, I did do a blog post sole on this product, check it out


Pros: The consistency and color payoffs are great, right off the bat the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner is great. They had a large selection of colors and the colors are vibrant and true. But throughout the time that I had it, the liner didn't hold up as well as it should've. It dries within 10 seconds, which some people prefer more; dries down to a glossy finish as appose to a matte (I like matte better) 
Cons: My biggest issue with this liner was that it really isn't water proof, I have teary eyes, throughout the day I would notice that it would crack at the outer corners of my eyes. I wish I would've taken a photo of this, but believe when I say it cracked and the liner broke up. Another issue was that it didn't last me too long, the liquid dried up much faster than the Tattoo Liner...  
This product retails for $22 and can be purchased in several stores, Ulta, Sephora, Amazon and etc.. 

We  all feel the tension between these two liners, but I think its clear to see what is the better option...... drum roll please? The winner is the Kat Von D Trooper Liner! I know some might not agree but this is my expexperience between these two. 

What is your favorite eyeliner!? 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Importance of Transition Shade

There are many things I wish I would've learnt before I became a makeup artist. One of them is that a transitional shade will transform any eye lookWhen I was younger I loved being creative with my makeup; looking back at some of the photos now, a drastic improvement has been made in the quality of work. I never enrolled in beauty academy or taken any type of class to learn how to work with makeup, nevertheless I am proud of my work and how far I have come within the past couple of years. I am always open to learning more about the art of makeup! I want to pass some of this knoweldge down to you.

What is a transition shade? it's essentially the shade that gives warmth to your eyes and will help blending out the darker shadows. I like to compare it to a sunset, when you look at one it isn't just a shade of red or orange, there is always a gradual fade. A softer and gentler fade helping the darker colors fade out. This step can add depth and quality to your shadows like never before

What color should a transitional eye shadow be? That's the easy, at least in my opinion. It's a soft, neutral skin tone shade; that also may vary from person to person. Depending on the seasons I switch up alot between these three shades.  
  1. Haux is my winter transition shade; more on the cooler side and is perfect for the blues, greens, purple and Smokey eye looks I create from time to time. 
  1. Saddle is my Spring Shade because spring is when I bring out my warmer tones the soft browns and orangish shadows 
  1. Soft Brown is my summer transitional shade because, I don't wear makeup in the summer as much. Why, several reasons but for one main, it's too damn hot. But when I do, I just gently swipe Soft brown into my crease and all a little over the lid with a dash of highlight. 
If you don't like Mac or can't access these colors, most eyeshadow palettes should have a few soft, weird, muddy color that most women don't really reach for because it may be to light or just muddy looking. But trust me when I say that shade will be your best friend. Each palette adjust to their tones, so naked palettes for example they all have a shade or two that completes the tones in the palette. 

On to the brush, I always use my beloved Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush. I have had this beauty for a year and I use it every time I apply makeup on me or my clients. This brush is the start of the show; I have other brushes but I always go back to this one. If sigma is out of your budget just look for a large fluffy brush, just make sure its not to dense because you want the bristle of the brush to swiftly across you crease. 

How to apply: When picking up the color, don't dig in the color like you would when applying eyeshadow on your lid. Lightly swirl it in and tap any excess shadow off. Then determine where your crease is and with a light hand apply in on the crease and above it. In windshield wiper motion or using small circular strokes, go back and forth with a blending brush slightly on or above your crease with your chosen shade. I like to extend the shadow outwards creating a more feline look to the eye. After you have applied the desire shade, gradually build up the color. If you're going for a darker eye, add a shade that's between the darkest one you have the lightest one. Basically, you are applying from light to dark, so that way you when you apply the dark shadow on your lid you can easily blend out the dark colors without a fail. If you start out with a dark color too hastily, you may end up with an extremely stubborn, murky spot that will frustrate you and resulting in harsh lines. This really shouldn't be too over whelming, practice will give you excellence, so just take your brush and practice a lot. 
What are your makeup mistakes and have you improved since?